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Industrial Sales Management 101
Is it Possible to Herd Cats? Is it really possible to manage Industrial Sales professionals? This practical book was written to cover the basic tenants of Industrial Sales Management. Key areas covered: Territory Design, Compensation, Measuring Performance, Pricing, Coaching, Hiring & Saying Goodbye. By Mitchell Harper All Prices include Tax
$ 30.00

The Distributors Role
This text is written to describe the wholesale distributor and the functions in the supply chain in addition to educating employees of challenging and rewarding profession available in the Industrial Distribution world. Serves as a great primer to someone entering the Industrial market. By Dr. Don Rice with Mitchell Harper - All prices include tax
$ 28.50

Financial Transactions
This text teaches readers to calculate and understand the key financial measurements in the Industrial Distributor's operations. This text is a must for branch mangagers or anyone responsible for financial performance. Written by Dr. Don A. Rice - all prices include tax
$ 27.50

Challenges Facing Distributors
Written by Dr. Don A. Rice all prices include tax
$ 28.00

The Sales Process
Fundamentals of Industrial Distribution - The Sales Process. By Mitchell Harper & Norm Clark All prices include tax
$ 30.00

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