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Industry Comments

"Mitch combines the rare ability to combine his academic training with his experiences as an extremely successful entrepreneur..........few consultants have this blend of book knowledge and practical work experience."

Mike Walsh – President Lifegas

"Mitch has helped me understand things from a 3D perspective.  Knowing the topic at hand from all angles always helps me identify worst case, best case, and middle ground.  These views are essential to implement successful plans and ideas."

Colin Gates - Vice President Southwest PV


"Mitch has been a great asset to me as a Sales Manager in the Industrial Distribution Marketplace. He is surely skilled at looking deeply into the Sales process or Metrics of a company and quickly understands what we are doing that creates success as well as seeing areas where we can improve on that success .With his ability to speak plainly, Mitch is more like a Coach than a trainer."

Ron Peters – Rex Supply Vice President Sales


Mitch Harper is one of the most thought-provoking and engaging speakers our industry has ever witnessed in action. Gifted with great storytelling ability, Harper brings to life everyday situations he has personally experienced to illustrate how organizations can excel in the eyes of their customers and individual employees can better serve and complement their peers.... Perhaps his greatest asset as a speaker is his ability to present these messages in an entertaining way that captures his audience's attention and stays with them long after the presentation is over.

Mary Jo Martin – The Wholesaler Editorial Director


Mitch has made an impact on our company in many ways.  He has provided a very specific and directed training program for our outside sales staff.  We have taken profitable market share from competitors who do not share our formula for constantly uncovering our customer’s needs.  I can honestly trace lessons learned in our seminars directly to revenue and profit growth. 

Mark Miller - Dir of Sales & Mktng National Sales Co


"Mitch has been invaluable to us. As beginner entrepreneurs, he has exceeded our expectations in his ability to understand our industry in order to apply his start-up experience and business acumen to our challenges. As a result, our business has been given a focus on the activities that lead to customer loyalty, positive cash flow and sales growth. More specifically, Mitch guided us in the development of a negotiations and sales strategy which has been the basis for closing a large key customer."

Brad Gaultney – Vice President Southern Bulb Company



"I just wanted to say a make a few comments about your presentation on leadership to Winroc. I spent 20 years at Black & Decker on both sides of the border in various roles and have attended my fair share of corporate leadership courses (as well as gone through the 360 degree feedback program, got my head shrunk, etc.) I have never attended a course where there was such a good and comfortable fit with the facilitator and the group as the one you put on for Winroc. Your style put everybody at ease, you challenged us, your experience in dealing with situations and people came through as genuine. It was the first time I ever attended a leadership course where the dude teaching it had “walked in our shoes” and done what we are going through, and had come out of it with humility. You are the first guy in my 25 years in business that ran a training seminar that I would not only feel comfortable with taking out to see my top customers but would love to do it.. you tore the cover off the ball! "

Ron Yoeman – General Manager AllRoc Tool



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