I just wanted to say a make a few comments about your presentation on leadership to Winroc. I spent 20 years at Black & Decker on both sides of the border in various roles and have attended my fair share of corporate leadership courses (as well as gone through the 360 degree feedback program, got my head shrunk, etc.) I have never attended a course where there was such a good and comfortable fit with the facilitator and the group as the one you put on for Winroc. Your style put everybody at ease, you challenged us, your experience in dealing with situations and people came through as genuine. It was the first time I ever attended a leadership course where the dude teaching it had “walked in our shoes” and done what we are going through, and had come out of it with humility. You are the first guy in my 25 years in business that ran a training seminar that I would not only feel comfortable with taking out to see my top customers but would love to do it.. you tore the cover off the ball!

Ron Yoeman – General Manager AllRoc Tool

Madeline Harper