MHA exists to elevate your businesses, educate your leaders, and inspire you to more.


Mitch has been public speaking for 25 years, taking his knowledge from multiple degrees, many business ventures, and years of consulting to bring you a highly effective speaking experience. From an intimate speaking experience to company wide, his speaking is designed for all.

Business Consulting

If you need assistance and vision for the big picture of your company or need help finding the blockage in a supply chain, Mitch offers invaluable business consulting. After managing multiple businesses and sitting on the board for numerous companies, Mitch has an eye for seeing potential problems and creative solutions.


As a professor of Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M and Baylor University, Mitch has honed his ability to teach in a classroom setting. Whether it’s a day of education for your sales team or a small round table conversation with your leadership staff, Mitch’s teaching will prove top notch.


Education isn’t a one time action. To continue the MHA experience, Mitch offers a variety of free articles on his website and also has books available for purchase.

Leadership Coaching

One of the best investments you can make in a business is pouring into your people. Mitch offers leadership coaching to help your top tier employees learn how to excel at motivating, training, and managing teams. This coaching has helped numerous businesses flourish not just in sales but in company culture, employee satisfaction, and overall profit.


MHA is proud to offer online seminars for companies around the world. This option is perfect for businesses that have multiple locations but desire cohesive training. Seminars allow multiple locations to log-in and join the conversation and learning.

Custom Experiences

The average client has multiple areas of interest and uses two of more of these services. Because of the highly individualized nature of business, Mitch creates a custom plan for each client and can tailor make a program to meet your needs.

Podcast Subscription

A new offering at MHA, podcast subscriptions for your business are now available. Rather than a generic podcast, these subscriptions allow for specialized recorded sessions for your company.